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GREEN Members at EcoFest 2017

Many schools participated in the EcoFest event at Gateway Technical College showcasing students’ work, projects, and programs they offer. It was a great event for everyone!

EcoFest 2017

Thursday evening on March 16, Peter Poli and Patti Negai both provided a talk at the Golden Rondelle. They provided a wonderful talk about pollinators and ways to promote them.
The following Saturday, March 18 at Racine Gateway Technical College, was the main event with over 50 local organizations, businesses, and schools highlighting different aspects of environmental friendly activities and presentations.
​Check out the photos below, courtesy of Gateway. For more photos, click HERE.
We are incredibly grateful to all volunteers & attendees that made this another successful year! 


EcoFest 2016


On March 18, 2016, SC Johnson’s Golden Rondelle hosted “Green and Healthy: The Future of Cities” event featuring guest speaker Jim Schwab with a local panel of professionals that work in improving environmental aspects of Racine that included: Julie Kinzelman, Nan Calvert, Matt Koepnick, and Reverend Bill Thompkins. 

Jim Schwab is a member of the American Planning Association in Chicago, an author and speaker on urban planning. Jim provided examples of how Racine can enjoy and develop green spaces that enhance the health and well-being of our community. Julie Kinzleman talked about her work in beach restoration (ie. Sam Meyers) and clean water, Nan Calvert and the numerous educational nature centers in the area, Matt Koepnick and his work with forestry and parks in Racine, and Reverend Bill Thompkins and his efforts in neighborhood beautification.

​EcoFest continued the following day at Gateway Technical College in Racine March 19, 2016. This was an event with over 50 vendors that shared information and encouraged participation in all sorts of environmental activities within the southeastern Wisconsin region to promote healthier and sustainable lives. The event was a huge success with over 600 attendees. Check out the details of the event here

Greening Greater Racine is extremely thankful to the Golden Rondelle, Gateway and all vendors, volunteers and community that helped support this first time, successful event. Check out a few photos from the event at Gateway below.  

Photos courtesy of Gateway. For more photos, CLICK HERE